Together Bringing Forth Joy

Kwanisa Foundation is sponsored by Zukasi. For each watch sold by them a portion of their profit will be donated to Kwanisa Foundation. Help them to support us by clicking on the link to purchase your Zukasi watch. Be a part of the community that spreads love and light.


Developing Programmes that will empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to obtain opportunities that will enable them to change their future story.

Build strong relationships with the young people we connect with through various initiatives.

Build strong relationships with other non-profit organisations aimed at impacting and empowering our disadvantaged youth, so that we may all build a powerful and impactful network that will bring transformation within our communities.

To expand Kwanisa into other parts of Africa in order for more lives to be impacted and restored


To expand Kwanisa into other parts of Africa in order for more lives to be impacted and restored


Create a platform to shape the minds of young people from disadvantage backgrounds by not only meeting thei monetary needs but sustaining them through mentorship programs and various projects.

Core Values


We understand the importance of innovation to constantly bring impact and dynamic change through every project and initiative.


Every beneficiary of Kwanisa will be treated with respect and not discriminated.



We are accountable for our beneficiaries and partners that we humbly serve. We will be honest about allthe donations and contributions we receive, we will give it back to the communities where it belongs


We challenge ourselves that every project and program conducted by Kwanisa will be thoroughly executed to ensure our beneficiaries fully benefit.


Learning & Improving

We will learn from our experiences in order to grow.