The global pandemic’s impact was not confined to health alone; it resonated across society, leaving not just families bereaved but also grappling with newfound social challenges. Many households found themselves grappling with poverty, their lives reshaped by circumstances beyond their control.

A Beacon of Relief

Food Aid Initiative

Since April 2020, we’ve been steadfast in our mission to make a difference. We extended a helping hand to several families through providing essential food packages to alleviate their burdens. What started as a response grew into an initiative called #R100for100families. With a mere R100, we unite people in the spirit of giving, rallying together to sponsor a family in need.

Growing Impact, Spreading Hope

Over the past two years, our project has grown, gaining traction as a beacon of hope in the heart of Soweto’s communities, radiating relief, support, and unity. With each contribution and every step, we reaffirm our commitment to stand by these families, to uplift spirits, and to bring relief in times of struggle.

Kwanisa Foundation 2020
Kwanisa Foundation food drive2020
Kwanisa Foundation food drive2020