Three years ago, our journey began with a family whose story resonated deeply within our hearts and moved us to make a commitment to change their lives.

We encountered three sisters – Nokubonga, 18 years old at the time; Connie, 11 years old; and Khutaza, 9 years old. Their lives had been shattered in June 2019 when they witnessed the unthinkable: their mother’s life taken by their father, who later succumbed to suicide.

A Journey of Compassion Unfolds

For three years, Kwanisa has stood as a pillar of support for these sisters. We provided vital counseling, guiding them through the process of healing. We facilitated their transition from an informal settlement to a safer living space, ensuring they have a secure roof over their heads. We continue to cover their monthly rent, alleviating one burden from their young shoulders. Essential necessities have never been out of reach, as we ensure they are met.

Yet, their story represents so much more than a personal journey. It fuels our greater mission – to aid and uplift families like theirs across South Africa. We’re actively working to broaden our impact, to bring hope, empowerment, and transformation to more lives.