Annual Christmas Outreach Program.

2nd Annual Christmas Outreach COMING SOON 

After a challenging year, now more than ever it is important for us to continue to spread love and light and support the families that have experience hardship during this year. Due to COVID-19 regulations our 2nd Annual Christmas Outreach will be a slightly different this year, but we would still appreciate your support to ensure that every child has a merry Christmas.

You can support by purchasing:

  1. An educational toy: for examples reading books, puzzles, colouring books etc.)
  2. A toy: for example, a soccer ball, a doll, a toy car, etc.)
  3. Stationery: for example, a set of writing books, pencil cases, pens, pencils etc.)
  4. Monetary donations: Kindly send an email to or contact us on 0723468543/0727952511 to receive our banking details and make a monetary donation

**Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that the children attending our Christmas Party are between the ages 7 to 13 years olds mixed between girls and boys

Previous Christmas Outreaches

7 December 2019 

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