Community Projects

There is no community that can stand on its own without the services of those who reside in it. We believe that it is our duty to serve our community in order to ensure growth and maintain a good wellbeing for those who reside in it.

Our community projects include; Pads & Toiletry Drives, School Shoes & Stationery Drives, Blanket Drives,  Food drives and so much more. All Donations will be directly allocated to our various beneficiaries.


With the high levels of unemployment within our nation, Kwanisa will assist in changing the narrative by providing skills development and career opportunities for persons who are from underprivileged backgrounds through the programme Arise by Kwanisa.


Within South Africa, a concerning issue persists: an estimated 50,000 child-headed households as revealed by Stats SA’s 2015 General Household Survey. Although this figure appears modest when viewed in context of the overall child population, it signifies a significant concern. Child-headed households are at risk of having to cope without parental care or regular income and are located in areas where services are poor. In addition, this vulnerable group has to deal with emotional strain and is more likely to be abused and exploited.

Our mission is to aid and uplift families like these across South Africa. Though we have already begun through the family we are currently caring for, we are actively working to broaden our impact, to bring hope, empowerment, and transformation to more lives.