Focus Areas

Kwanisa Foundation 2020

Community Projects

There is no community that can stand on its own without the services of those who reside in it. We believe that it is our duty to serve our community in order to ensure growth and maintain a good wellbeing for those who reside in it.

Our community projects include; Pads & Toiletry Drives, School Shoes & Stationery Drives, Blanket Drives,  Food drives and so much more. All Donations will be directly allocated to our various beneficiaries.

Skills Development


With the high levels of unemployment within our nation, we want to assist in changing the narrative and providing skills development workshops to learners in underprivileged schools.

We want to equip learners with knowledge and invite young professions from different industries to inspire the students as well as equip them with skills that can prepare them for the future.

These workshops will also include career guidance and varsity readiness training.

Kwanisa Foundation 2020

Light in a Home Mission


Light in a Home Mission is a project that we believe will strongly improve the lives of those who have been long devastated. We are passionate about those who have lost their parents/guardians and with this project we aim to bring hope in child-headed homes and orphanages.Child-Headed homes: We will provide them with administrative where needed (eg application of grants, university applications etc.). We will also provide them with basic necessities such non-perishable food, school shoes, books and so forth Orphanages: We will provide them with basic necessities according to the orphanages requests. Above all else we will leave them with a word of encouragement that comes from our Lord and Saviour.

Beauty in Ageing


Amongst us within our community lies pearls of wisdom and treasures of hope being the elderly. They are like the precious mineral gold, crafted and made through the pressures of life through time spent upon this

Earth and birthed from the fiery furnace that steams the beauty of their hearts and intellect minds. In the words of John Hoeven “Caring for our seniors is perhaps the greatest responsibility we have.

Those that walk before us have given so much and made possible the life we all enjoy.” It is our duty as young people in order to build a better tomorrow we need to harness the wisdom and experience of those that have gone before us. The best classroom in the world is at the feet of the elderly, ‘to forget the elderly is to ignore years of wisdom.-Donald Laird”.

As Kwanisa we aim to celebrate and take care of the elderly in our community in order to gain and seize what remains so that our labour in the present and future will not be in vain.

Kwanisa Foundation 2020